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Example: 1 month / 1 year

Click left or right on the calendar to select a date. You can also enter the input manually in the example format.

Example: B / BE / C / T

If you are applying for a temporary position without a CE license, please note the time limit.
Only with a CE license, we can offer you a permanent job with us.
Please rate your language skills:

(1) Basic knowledge
You can not understand texting from the disposition, but with a bit of time translating and executing it with, an app. You would need an interpreter on the phone. A simple small talk is possible. Such as. "Hello, how are you? Good, and yourself?"

(2) advanced basic knowledge
You can understand SMS from the disposition or translate it with an app, on the phone, the dispatcher would have to repeat several times and in plain English/German.

(3) Fluent / very good knowledge
You can understand SMS from the dispatcher and communicate with the disposition on the phone, any technical terms would be a small hurdle for you.

(4) proficiency
The communication between you and the disposition would be no problem, you would understand everything and everything able to answer business fluently.

(5) Native
They grew up in the respective country with the required language. The language comes to you in word, as well as in writing spontaneously and out of the gut.

Practical experience

Please click on the types of vehicles with which you have already gained experience. A tick in the gray box confirms your input.


Please click on the types of vehicles you would like to gain experience with.
A tick in the gray box confirms your input.

Example in German: short-distance traffic = Nahverkehr / long-distance traffic = Fernverkehr

Example: 3 | 1 = 3 weeks working | 1 week free

Example: site.com, newspaper, radio, recruiter

Here you can attach files to us.
Example: identity card, driving license, driver card, CV etc.